John: Phantom Limb of the Leg (2)

3 Responses to John: Phantom Limb of the Leg (2)

  1. Moira says:

    Tried to go past the 8:37 point tonight and this time it continued to play. So now, no problem. Glad because I really wanted to view it.

    May I ask what your thinking was in not inviting him to remove his shoe at the point of introducing the mirror?



    • andrewaustin says:

      The main reason for leaving the shoes and socks on to start with is to give me some manoeuvre room in case he doesn’t get any effect for the mirror. I can escalate the session, to get him then to remove the shoes, and then the socks.

  2. Big John says:

    Some wair i saw a vedio that a man was on the floor with a 4 foot mirrer . It was a very good instruction. i would like it or one like it . please big john

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